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"Reaching the Unschooled Wherever and Whenever"

//   What is OHSP?

OHSP is an acronym for Open High School Program. It is an alternative mode of formal secondary education program run by the Bureau of Secondary Education (BSE) of the Department of Education (DepED) of the Republic of the Philippines. The program provides an opportunity for elementary school graduates, high school drop-outs and successful examinees of the Philippine Education Placement Test (PEPT) to complete secondary education in a purely distance learning mode. The program provides printed self-learning modules for students to use for their lessons and classroom activities.

//   Who are qualified to enrol under OHSP?

Students who wishes to avail of OHSP must meet the following qualifications:

•     Filipino citizen
•     Independent learner
•     Have completed the pre-requisite grade or year level
•     Must pass the Independence Learning Readiness Test (ILRT) and the Informal Reading Inventory (IRI)

//   When can I avail of OHSP?

OHSP is available anytime. It is not dependent on the calendar of the regular school year. Student may start at their own time and at their own pacing, provided they complete their entire high education within a maximum period of six (6) years.

//   Where is OHSP offered?

OHSP is available nationwide. All interested parties may contact the DORP Coordinator at the nearest DepED Regional Office. The DORP Coordinator will direct the applicant to the nearest schools division where EASE is offered.

Regional OfficeDORP CoordinatorContact Number
  Region I     Alicia M. Galsim   0929-464-8271
  Region II     Hortencia P. Calvan  
  Region III     Miriam E. Adobo   0921-240-5836
  Region IV-A     Ruth M. Dulay
  Lilia Llaga
  Region IV-B     Amorsisma V. Contreras
  Manolito D. Alastre
  Region V     Veronica O. Bolaños   0917-868-7702
  Region VI     Miriam T. Lima   0910-900-0357
  Region VII    Salud M. Luna   0905-209-0308
  Region VIII     Clarita M. Menda
  Elena S. de Luna
  Rhodora V. Sison
  Region IX     Basher O. Jamahali
  Jose N. Locson
  Region X     Lorelie V. Gamutan   0906-356-0656
  Region XI    Merlyn M. Lasaca   0918-587-3050
  Region XII     Josenette P. Brana   083-520-0421
  CAR     Nancy Gazmen
  Juliet C. Sannad
  CARAGA     Elizabeth Baguio
  Antonieta O. Narra
  NCR     Emmanuel Maninang   0921-487-9053

Applicant/s may also contact the Curriculum Development Division of the Bureau of Secondary Education, Department of Education (DepED) at the following contact address and numbers:

In Metro Manila, the following schools are offering OHSP and may also be contacted directly:

  •   Benigno Aquino National High School (Makati)
  •   Gregorio Perfecto National High School (Makati)
  •   Rizal High School - Main (Pasig)
  •   Ramon Magsaysay High School (Cubao)
  •   Quezon City National High School (Quezon City)
  •   Lagro National High School (Quezon City)
  •   Commonwealth High School (Quezon City)
  •   Marikina National High School (Marikina)
  •   Malabon National High School (Malabon )
  •   Tinajeros National High School (Malabon)
  •   Caloocan National High school (Caloocan City)

//   Why offer OHSP?

OHSP is intended for students who would otherwise be unable to pursue formal secondary education due the rigid requirement of regular class schedules. It is an alternative to attending regular classes but is not designed to be beneficial to all students. Most students may still learn best by attending the regular formal secondary education.

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OHSP Self-Learning Modules