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Project EASE MAPEH Self-Learning Module


        Module 01 Pollution Free For a Health Community
        Module 02 Pollution Free... Why Not?
        Module 03 Population Watch
        Module 04 Action At Emergency
        Module 05 The Emergency
        Module 06 Emergency Rescue and Transport
        Module 07 Becoming Informed (Drug Education)
        Module 08 SMART DECISION: No To Stimulant Abuse


        Module 01 What’s D’ Buzz?
        Module 02 Health Principle! Be Responsible!
        Module 03 The Breadth of Life, “Parents Pride”
        Module 04 Marriage at Right Age
        Module 05 Be Alert! Safeguard Your Health!
        Module 06 Health Skills Never Spill!
        Module 07 Don’t Conform, Be Transformed!
        Module 16 Barbiturate Abuse? No Way!

//   MUSIC

        Module 01 The World of Musical Sounds
        Module 02 The Sounds of Music
        Module 03 The Rhythm is Gonna Get You
        Module 04 Name That Tune
        Module 05 Together in Perfect Harmony
        Module 06 Sound Weave
        Module 07 Philippine Music Today and Yesterday
        Module 08 Songs of the Philippine Lowlands


        Module 01 & 02 Propagate Philippine Indigenous Games
        Module 05 Serve and Volley the Ball

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