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// What is CFSS?

The Child Friendly School System (CFSS) at the Secondary level, a project of UNICEF in collaboration with the Department, seeks to create a movement among secondary schools and their communities so that children’s rights can be promoted and protected and every child at high school age can be encouraged to be in school, stay there and learn.



// Goals?


* Develop a child-friendly leadership and inclusive child-management.
* Promote health education, healthy behaviour and an environment reflecting safe for and protective of children’s total well-being.
* Provide every opportunity for enrolment and completion to all children in the communities served.
* Promote child-centered, effective teaching-learning practices and life skills relevant to the students’ life situations both inside and outside of the classrooms.
* Build and sustain collaborative partnerships between and among students, teachers, families and communities.
* Enhance teachers’ professional capacity, morale and motivation
* Create gender friendly learning environment.


// A Child Friendly School System is. . .

a partnership among the school, families of children and the community (Local Government Units, NGOs, church groups and the community members) that exists for the purpose of realizing child rights in the education of children.

// A High School "Child" is . . .


* below 18 years old.
* a high school student, whose age normally ranges from 12-15.
* a terminology referred to “adolescents” by the World Health Organization (WHO) to the age range.
* a critical period of great risks and opportunities.


The family, school and community need to pull together to help adolescents create a positive sense of future. Risk behaviour need not take a stronghold if given education, guidance and appropriate interventions.


// Five Traits

* Proactively inclusive.
* Implements a curricular program using child-centered effective teaching-learning practices and suited to the learners’ developmental needs; and a co-curricular program that responds to need for life skills and other psycho-social needs.
* Healthy and safe for, protective of, children’s emotional, psychological, and physical well-being
* Gender-responsive in creating environments and capacities that foster equality and minimize gender stereotyping.
* Actively engaged with, enabling of, student, family, and community participation in all aspects of school policy, management and support to children.

The desire of the Department of Education (DepED), with the support of the UNICEF, pushes every one to initiate practices in the school towards the achievement of child-friendly environment.

The DepED and UNICEF have prepared modules to prepare every school personnel and the community towards Child friendliness. Please contact your CFSS coordinators for more information.



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